“I find that good thoracic mobility plays a very important role in the body’s force production. I have been looking for a simple piece of equipment to analyze the body in order to understand and increase the rotational movement of the upper torso. I find that  the TE3 Mobility Testing Stick is a great tool for professional trainers and athletes to improve their performance.”

Marko Yrjovuori, Performance Specialist, NBA and NHL Trainer

TE3 Mobility Testing Stick is an easy to use professional measuring tool to measure the rotational mobility of the hip and the spine. It is also a perfect tool to use incorporated in the mobility training.”

Hero Mali, Physiotherapist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Jokerit Hockey Club Oy

TE3 group training is very good – the class is perfect for those who train actively, though everybody should do these exercises. Those who work in an office and sit most of the day can say that this class is necessary and functional. I believe that TE3 will help me with my neck and shoulder problems. And what’s more, the class is fun!”

Sonja Lauren, Erimover Oy Ab

“My joint mobility has dramatically increased after I started using the TE3 Mobility Training Stick even though I am over 50 years old. Now I am able to perform many difficult techniques without doing a long warm-up and they work even better than 20 years ago.”

Master Jean Feller, 7th Dan in Taekwondo (seventh-degree black belt)

The TE3 Mobility Station is a great exercise tool for work. It´s always available and it´s easy to use while working and during breaks. The vibration gives you feedback and helps you to correct your movement and challenges you to continue”

Oili Kettunen, Doctor of Philosophy, Expert of Occupational Well-Being, The Sport Institute of Finland

“A good day starts with the TE3 Mobility Training Stick. In ski jumping, lines and posture must be straight in order to gain an optimal take-off and flight position. The TE3 Mobility Stick is a great solution for fixing those problems. The TE3 stick is also a real medicine against rounded shoulders and the so called ʽtext neck’. The TE3 technology meets sports in the best possible way.”

Pekka Niemelä, Head Coach, Turkish Ski Jumping National Team (Previous Head Coach of Finnish and French National Teams. His teams have won two Olympic medals and seven world championship medals)

“Powerful tool to open and calibrate your body before golf rounds. TE3 Mobility Training Stick will also give valuable data after exercise which can be used planning your training program of the day.”

Oscar Stark, European Tour and Challenge Tour golfer

The TE3 Mobility Station offers several benefits in gym use for different customer segments: our personal trainers can use TE3 with new customers, beginners, and as a tool to better identify, and demonstrate, the problems srelated to one’s body control. It also helps to demonstrate how regular exercise, can improve body control and posture, even after just a few weeks. The benefits of using the TE3 Mobility Station are numerous, only our imagination sets the limits.”

P-C Nordensved, CEO Fit1 Fitnessclub

te3 philosophy

1. TE3-stick will guide you with vibrations to keep straight moves straight.
2. TE3-stick will guide you with vibrations to keep rotations and bendings levelled.
3. TE3 will give you instant results which makes training motivating and more fun.

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