24M Training

24M is based on 24 different body movements. This corrective movements gives you solution for 13M test results.

Several international studies show that good mobility and movement control are of great importance to the well-being of the human body. Lack of mobility in joints and muscles, hypermobility, semi-differences and motion disorder can increase pain and risk of injury. The 24M training development work has included Marko Yrjövuori, as well as other top sports and rehabilitation professionals from Europe and the USA.

24M Education is practice-orientated and designed for sports and rehabilitation professionals. After the education, the participant has the ability to:

  • Gives solution for 13M test results.
  • You can use the movements to boost your training programs.
  • Sell TE3 products and get 10% sales commission.
  • Buy TE3 products at a reduced price.

The participant is certified and also entitled to use the MYC and TE3 brand for sales and marketing for 12 months. Training, marketing materials and forms are included in the price of the education.

24M Education by Countries