TE3 Pro Spotlight: Christopher Czerapowicz

Do you aspire to shoot hoops like Christopher Czerapowicz?

Chris, a professional basketball player, currently playing for Monbus Obradorio, trained with us in the summer of 2020. Here’s what he had to say about how mobility-based training has helped further advance his career.

“Chris, what have you realized about the importance about the importance of body mobility since having used TE3?”

”It’s helped me elevate my game. Everyone uses traditional training methods to work their bodies but this is unique and give you that edge on top of ‘normal’ workouts that will bring you one step further.”

“It helps my first step more explosive. It elevates my reaction in defense by being quicker and more natural, my vertical jump higher, and it’s all injury preventing stuff.

“Everything I’ve learned makes perfect sense. My body, after working with this over the summer months, feels a lot better than it has in years. Now that I’m back with my team I aspire to incorporate it within my everyday routine – especially the mobility aspect of it – so I can keep feeling this way throughout the season”.

”In addition, it’ll add years to my career which is highly motivating for most professional athletes.”

Way to go, Chris!

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