Jawelin thrower achieves new personal best after mobility exercising



Have you ever heard of an athlete complaining of back pain, tightness in their muscles or restrictions in their movement? The answer is probably yes. What can you do about it? The answer, surprisingly, is mobility exercising.

Good mobility is super important for athletes because it helps athletes avoid injuries, speed up recovery times and improve their performance. Just read this story from our client, a 17-year-old javelin thrower Jakob Rahm:

Athletes’ bodies wear out

When training or performing, athletes’ bodies are put under high pressure and without proper mobility, the body can start to break. This can then reduce athletic performance.

After throwing for almost 4 years, I had started to feel pains in some parts of my body. Stiffness and a lack of mobility have caused me the most problems. I tried massage sessions as a temporary solution, but it didn’t improve my situation in the long run.

2 weeks of mobility exercising paid off

The good news is, good mobility can significantly boost performance. The body will experience greater power, because muscles can work optimally and they don’t have to compensate each other.

Recently i met with TE3’s co-founder Jarkko and he gave me some mobility exercises that would help me. 2 weeks into the exercises, I started to feel a difference in my mobility. That paid off, because I managed to increase my personal best from 55m to 61m (11,5%) and win the Swedish Youth Championships.

I think my increased mobility really helped me achieve this. I feel like I can get more power in my throws, even though i haven’t really increased my pure strength. Of course I’m still not as mobile as i want to be one day, but I’m definitely on the right path to achieving it. I will keep doing my exercises and meet up with Jarkko soon.” says Jakob.

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