Jori Kota-Aho and the TE3 Mobility Concept

Why does Intensive Personal Trainer (PT) School teacher Jori Kota-Aho use the TE3 Mobility concept in his professional training and work?

I’m a television Personal Trainer, Jori Kota-aho, and I live in Mäntsälä with my family including my dear wife and our little toddler. We enjoy doing all kinds of things together as a family.”

I started coaching at the age of 17. I love my profession because I get to help people achieve their full physical potential. I coach people face-to-face as well as remotely, have a presence on social media, participate in online trainings, and cooperate with different brands to train future Intensive Personal Trainers.

In my opinion, the TE3 Mobility analysis is easy, clear and valid. For this reason, I incorporate the analysis and the concept of mobility in my lectures as an Intensive PT. I want to bring to the attention of future Personal Trainers the best tools for measuring mobility. Visually, one can assess a client’s mobility, but it is a different matter to give him or her an accurate, black and white analysis. People like to collect data about themselves anyways, so why not measure mobility with a modern and functional method? After that, it’s easier to motivate the client to make changes towards a more functional body!”

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