Performance gaps in a handball team due to limited hip mobility


Are restrictions or side differences in your body mobility limiting your performance?

TE3 Master Trainer Tadeas Mikes analysed the Czech Republic U18 National Handball team of 18 players with TE3 Mobility Analysis. In addition, he measured 11 meter run and vertical jump height. By measuring acceleration run and jump height, we found a clear connection between two movements that measured body mobility:

1. Hip extension 

Target muscle: hip flexors

Ranges of motion varied significantly by 25 degrees. Players with smaller range of motion ran slower and jumped lower.

2. Hip flexion with ankle flexion

Target muscle: hip extensors & plantar flexors
Several players had more than 4 degree side difference in this movement. Players with side differences in fascia line/superficial back line ran slower and jumper lower.

Based on the results of the TE3 Mobility Analysis, a player could improve performance by 10% when he improves body mobility in these two areas.

Please note that sample size was limited for fully conclusive statistical certainty. After the team has improved body mobility results, explosiveness tests are to be repeated. TE3 is continuing to research for body mobility factors influencing performance, pain, stiffness and recovery.

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The Czech Republic U18 National Handball team

Exercises to improve performance

Based on our conclusions, it is important to hit the target zone and minimize side differences in order to jump high or run fast. If you lack mobility (you reach the red zone), you need an exercise that increases mobility. If you have hypermobility (you reach the blue zone), you need an exercise that increase strength. 

It is important to perform the exercises as symmetrically as possible, so that your body doesn’t develop side differences.


Increase mobility: LUNGE & SIDE BENDING

  1. Take a lunge position
  2. Place one knee on the floor and extend your ankle
  3. Take a wide grip on a stick and lift it above your head
  4. Slowly push your hips towards the floor and bend your body to the side
  5. Keep your hips balanced and back straight
  6. Repeat for 30-40 seconds on both sides ⠀

Increase strength: STANDING KNEE LIFT

  1. Take a slight lunge position
  2. Take a wide grip on a stick and lift it above your head
  3. Bring your knee up to 90° and hold for 3 seconds
  4. Return to the lunge position
  5. Keep your back straight and pelvis balanced
  6. Repeat for 30-40 seconds on both sides ⠀


Increase mobility: STEPS

  1. Stand in a stable upright position
  2. Take a step forward and backward
  3. Let the knee go over the ankle line for maximum extension and flexion of the ankle
  4. Repeat for 1 minute ⠀

Increase strength: HEEL RISE

1. Stand in a stable upright position
2. Hold a swiss ball (or a similar object) from the sides and push it against a wall
3. Slowly lift your body up and down
4. Repeat for 1 minute ⠀

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