TE3 & Arcada

Measuring mobility and movement quality in physical training and physiotherapy instruction at Arcada

Mobility is one of the key physical characteristics alongside endurance, strength, and coordination. Good mobility is a basic prerequisite for functional ability in everyday tasks and sports performance. Adequate mobility enables the right execution technique and is therefore important for efficient and safe movement.

Passive mobility, the ability for muscle to remain healthy without exertion, is the basis of mobility and allows wider trajectories. However, the utilization of passive mobility and trajectories with one’s own muscular force – active mobility – is important for movement and physical performance. In addition to sufficient mobility, movement control is characterized by the ability to activate the correct muscles in the correct order at the correct power levels.

In assessing and measuring mobility and movement management, it is important to identify, potential movement restrictions, among other components. These can lead to, for example, rounding of the lower back and harmful physical consequences. In addition to potential movement limitations, it is also important to accurately measure one’s ability to do exert muscle strength in a balanced and controlled manner using the appropriate muscles when evaluating movement control.

TE3 & Arcada 2Measuring and practicing physical characteristics as those mentioned above are a critical component in expertise of both exercise instructors and physiotherapists. Arcada’s goal is to provide physical education instructors and physiotherapy students with the widest possible range of both theoretical and practical skills when measuring and practicing mobility, endurance, strength and coordination, in conjunction with using various wellness and exercise technology solutions and methodology. The newest method introduced to Arcada’s training programs in physical education and physiotherapy is the TE3 Movement Quality concept. It has been developed by the Finnish well-being company TE3 Oy for use by both professional sports and well-being companies.

In Arcada, the TE3 Movement Quality concept, alongside the previously established methods of assessing and measuring mobility, provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for objective, accurate, and smooth measurement of mobility and movement quality. In teaching, the method makes it possible to better manage mobility and movement and to be able to communicate clients’ risk factors due to lack of mobility. In addition, the TE3 method enables students to keep into consideration their clients’ individual development targets, which means that students’ skills remain surpasses the basic levels of measurement but also help to recommend solutions that support operations and performance.

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