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  • TE3 Movement Quality License

    649,00 (0% alv) / year

    A turnkey business solution incorporating the TE3 Mobility Stick, Online Education and Marketing Materials as well as Training Programs! Developed in 2020, this license aims to revolutionize the way we measure and understand movement quality. You’ll receive unlimited access to the best of our products and services.

    Licensed comprehensive suite of tools for measuring, analyzing, exercising, and monitoring the performance of your coached or your clients’ bodies.

    PACKAGE CONTENTS: (stick size is 100cm)

    · Tools for measuring and analyzing body performance.

    · Measurement results visualized and monitoring of results e.g. performance score number and comparison to your own age group.

    · Exercises based on measurement results and analysis.

    · Tools for monitoring and comparing customer development.

    · Tools for creating coaching programs and managing sales.

    · Training materials, exam and certificate.

    · 12 kk – license

  • TE3 Performance Sports Club

    2499,00 (0% alv) / year

    (Normal price 2999 € / year / club VAT 0)

    TE3 Performance concept benefits players

    • Physical characteristics evolve rapidly
    • Tension pain states and injuries are reduced
    • Access to self-paced exercises that friends and family can join
    • Visual results in monitoring one’s own development and understanding the development of which area the training affects increase the motivation for training


    • Coach training webinar 60 min
    • Player and parent training webinar 45 min
    • 48-week TE3 Online coaching portal for all coaches and players. Contents 60 skill tracks, 60 speed tracks and 120 tracks and movements
    • TE3 Performance Measurement License and Online User Training

    * On-site training can be provided separately.

  • TE3 Sport Performance

    399,00 (0% alv) / year

    Completed 48 weeks of training software to develop athletes’ movement, speed and skill.

  • TE3 Movement Quality License PLATIUM PACKET

    9999,00 (0% alv) / year



    • 2 TE3 Movement Quality travel license (55cm stick)
    • 2 TE3 Movement Quality license (100cm stick)
    • 2 Days education for your team
    • Travel and hotel expenses