TE3 lecture: Sport performance Movement quality – 2 hours

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A two-hour informational lecture for companies outlining the importance of the TE3 concept and the link between mobility and professional sports. The lecture is intended for athletes and coaches to further develop knowledge on the following:

  • Mobility and movement quality philosophy
  • Why is mobility the foundation for sports performance?
  • What is the most effective way to enhance mobility?

Led by one of our founders, Jarkko Kortelainen’s, 15+ years of experience in the sports industry and based upon 3,000+ TE3 case studies over the last four years.


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Location: As agreed Host: Jarkko Kortelainen What will be discussed:
  • Why mobility is important and how movement quality impacts sports performance
  • Our brand philosophy and why we are really proud of our mission
  • All about our best product, the TE3 Movement Quality license
  • Our custom made 6 week training programs designed to fit your client’s needs
*Travel costs are invoiced separately according to actual costs

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