Raisio’s Physiotherapy incorporates TE3 services

Pauliina Luukkala, a physiotherapist at Rasio’s Physiotherapy, is familiar with utilizing TE3’s services to the benefit of the center and their clients since having attended a training course held by Marko Yrjövuori back in September 2019. The TE3 Mobility Analysis has been used on a weekly basis with various clients, ranging from junior athletes to baseline analyses in their general Wellness Coaching programs.

Those interested are welcome to experience the TE3 Mobility Analysis for themselves in order to accurately gage their functional condition, however we recommend following up on a professional training program in order to best track progress.

Wellness Coaching at Raisio’s Physiotherapy

The goal of their program is based on individual coaching under the guidance of a professional physiotherapist, which ensures safe training practices despite any anatomical injuries or disorders. The Wellness Coaching program always includes a baseline test which is the foundation on which a 6-month personal training program is developed, which is inclusive of the TE3 Mobility Analysis. The analysis facilitates planning and monitoring of progress. At the end of the training period, the analysis is executed again and compared to the baseline results to create a follow-up plan.

The test was versatile, it felt easy even for my age, and provided information on what I could improve in an understandable way. I found the test useful, it encouraged me to improve my results for the final analysis, which also positively impacted my exercise and eating habits. The results of the final analysis improved. I can gladly recommend the test to people of all ages and sizes.”

Wellbeing coach, Maarit Nurmi (61 years old)

Individual athlete and team testing

Raisio’s Physiotherapy cooperates with several sports clubs and acts as a sponsor for a few individual athletes. Their goal is to promote healthy training, enable a fast and smooth treatment plan in the event of a sports injury, and to support rehabilitation of said injuries to completion. The TE3 Mobility Analysis has provided a new perspective on athletic testing and has served as a great complementary tool alongside other testing and research.

The work of a physiotherapist emphasizes client guidance and counseling. Their work is always based on the client’s personal wishes and goals. In order to achieve this, it is of paramount importance that the client himself understands his or her situation and is motivated to train. The feedback from the TE3 Mobility Analysis clearly communicates their physical condition. After each test, physiotherapists at Rasio’s Physiotherapy go through the results with the client and create specific training exercises according to their goals. The results are always compared to previous analyses in order to monitor the development of their physical condition and the effectiveness of their training,

I’ve done the Mobility Analysis twice now at Raisio’s Physiotherapy. I’ve personally really enjoyed the analysis. The results have been reviewed immediately with a professional which has allowed me to better understand the results. The test has been very helpful and I’ve gotten to know what are my personal areas of improvement. The recommended exercises based on the test have helped me develop as an athlete, which was apparent in the second test. Although we saw better results, there’s always room for improvement. Fortunately, such a test exists and I, myself, have benefited from it.”

SM-level Hammer Thrower, Marika Virtanen (17 years old)

TE3 has considerably speeded up work in both testing and performing mobility analyses. That’s why it’s a great way to do team testing, among other things! Thanks to the speed, any associated costs are better mitigated. Children’s hobbies have become more expensive over the years and this has limited the use of external testing by many teams and other institutions. At Raisio’s Physiotherapy, they have been very pleased with the speed of the TE3 concept as well as the comprehensive analysis, which has allowed them a much cheaper alternative to team testing. Tests for junior teams are often conducted on a mass level, after which the physiotherapist team, the athletes, coaches, and parents go through the results, analyses, and recommended exercises. Although each athlete receives personal feedback, Raisio’s is also able to integrate conjunctive results into better daily training of the team, and parents are able to track training practice at home.

The team testing and framework was well organized and beneficial. The hour dedicated to interpreting results was also important because the team’s coaches, players, and parents received important information that can be utilized in coaching and training. By incorporating the same test, all parties involved can be certain of the road to healthier training and prevention of sports and stress injuries. Oftentimes, the biggest challenge for those working with junior athletes is motivating them to stretch.”

Turku Nappulliiga P09/Kauppari (Sports Team)

In addition to mobility analyses, TE3 is also an excellent tool for training. The vibration features incorporated into the mobility stick makes it possible to control the client’s movement throughout movement tests. It allows the client to learn to pay attention to their own physical trajectories because even familiar movements prove to be challenging when used in conjunction with the TE3 Stick. It also helps motivate the client to make better use of their maximum trajectories and thus makes training more effective.

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