TE3 and the Finnish Defense Forces Sports School

TE3 Mobility and Movement Quality analyses have been made available at the Finnish Defense Forces Sports School: the range of tools tested covers endurance, power, and precision components. Thus, I have received accurate information on how their methodology encompasses mobility measurement and management. In this way, I have been able to design a more comprehensive training program targeting measurement in range of motion and the specific exercises for specific groups of clienteles. The test takes you deeper and deeper into a state of movement and control of the athletic body. One of the more significant features of analysis is the discovery of half-differences and their effect on the onset of sports injur(ies) or their effect on pre-existing physical stress conditions. Through this, it has been possible to better understand the effect of different parts of the body that has added a clear value to myself and the athletes in training regimen.

Thus, the tools TE3 has to offer has provided additional support to identify development targets and a comprehensive toolkit to address areas of development.
Through this test, athletes have a better understanding of the impact of mobility and half-differences in order to address their own performance. Additionally, the test has given them more support for their own thoughts about their body and motivated them to work more and more in the areas of mobility and management.

“I found the analysis absolutely helpful. The results of the test confirm your own hypotheses, for example, whether mobility is or is not on target to a certain degree. With their recommended training I incorporated the focus of movement and management training so that I’m able to take full advantage of my mobility.

I think the results of the test are a good indicator of progress, and even if the results are on target, it’s good to continue to monitor the results so that the results do not deteriorate.

I think my performance has risen when I maintain a good level of mobility. “

Niclas Westerholm, Ice Hockey, Goal Keeper

“I found the TE3 analysis useful because it saw what to do and how to improve.

The analysis helped provide new movements to practice and I’ve seen development. In addition, seeing your own results visually motivates you to practice more.

Practicing mobility and the quality of movement is directly reflected in your own golf swing, whether there is enough mobility or not and whether there is too much one-sidedness.”

Matias Honkala, Golf

Ari-Pekka Hallaranta
Coaching Officer
The Finnish Defence Forces Sports School

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