TE3 and the Finnish Spinal Health Association strike new partnership

TE3 Ltd. and Selkäliitto ry, The Finnish Spinal Health Association, have established a partnership with a plan to commence a pilot program during autumn 2019.

As the Finnish Spinal Health Association aims to provide information and advice to all people affected by back and neck pain, the objective of our collaboration is to measure people with back pain and their mobility compared to people without back problems. Through this, we aim to find out, whether back pain and stiffness can be reduced with improving mobility.

“The benefit of TE3 Mobility Analysis is especially that it addresses the problems found in the measurements and recommends corrective exercises based on the results. Due to gained knowledge about the state of their bodies, people may pay more attention to their body mobility and become more motivated to improve it” says Kirsi Töyrylä-Aapio, the Executive Director at Selkäliitto ry.

According to Finnish Spinal Health Association, approximately 80% of adults suffer back pain at some point in their lives and it is one of the most common reasons for sick leaves. Good mobility is the foundation of the human body and enables normal ranges of motion without the muscles having to work too hard. Asymmetrical load can increase the risk of different pain and stress conditions, many of them affecting the back.

Thanks to its portability, the Finnish Spinal Health Association considers TE3 Mobility Stick a practical tool for executing measurements easily – also in the field. Measuring is easy and the test movements are safe and suitable also for people with pain conditions. According to Töyrylä-Aapio, disorders in movement control are typical especially for people with long-term back pain, which for its part, upholds the pain. This is also where TE3 Mobility Stick comes to help, finding the appropriate ranges of motion through vibrating in case the movement is asymmetrical.

TE3 considers these kinds of collaborations important, because we get to share knowledge and best practices on both sides, making greater impact on promoting spinal health.”, says our CEO Ari Laakkonen. 

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