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  • Enhancing Mobility: HJK and TE3’s new collaboration

    HJK Football Club and TE3 Mobility have started a close collaboration that will emphasize the link between the men’s representative football team and HJK’s new occupational well-being services. The TE3 Mobility Stick is a Finnish modernization of the traditional gym stick used to assess movement quality and range of motion. The “Smart Stick” accurately measures… View Article

  • Jori Kota-Aho and the TE3 Mobility Concept

    Why does Intensive Personal Trainer (PT) School teacher Jori Kota-Aho use the TE3 Mobility concept in his professional training and work? I’m a television Personal Trainer, Jori Kota-aho, and I live in Mäntsälä with my family including my dear wife and our little toddler. We enjoy doing all kinds of things together as a family.”… View Article

  • Raisio’s Physiotherapy incorporates TE3 services

    Pauliina Luukkala, a physiotherapist at Rasio’s Physiotherapy, is familiar with utilizing TE3’s services to the benefit of the center and their clients since having attended a training course held by Marko Yrjövuori back in September 2019. The TE3 Mobility Analysis has been used on a weekly basis with various clients, ranging from junior athletes to… View Article

  • How poor mobility affect sports performance?

    The importance of mobility in athletic sports is often an opinionated matter between coaches and personal trainers. Unfortunately, the practice of mobility is one of the first components in a training program to be eliminated due to a lack of time, personnel, or other fundamental resources. Athletes frequently seek movement quality analyses because they want… View Article

  • How does bilateral indifference affect squat performance?

    Bilateral indifferences are imbalances between the left and right sides of the body, which are an important component in executing an effective and safe squat. Squatting is certainly one of the most commonly used movements in sports and daily life. Such examples include at home, when sitting on a couch, or at the gym when… View Article

  • What is movement quality and how can we measure it?

    Movement quality is the combination of optimal mobility, stability, and movement control. Mobility refers to the range of motion of joints, which includes soft tissue and joint movement (as opposed to flexibility which only includes soft tissue movement). In the professional fitness industry, personal trainers, sports coaches, athletic trainers and physiotherapists have all acknowledged movement as one of the… View Article

  • Why lifestyle analyses are an important part of the personal training (PT) process

    The preliminary lifestyle survey plays a critical role when personal trainers first meet a new client. We found out what three of the biggest gym chains personal trainers ask their clients and – more importantly – why? We built a 20-question lifestyle survey based on our findings and digitized them in order to expedite the… View Article

  • TE3 Tools: Personal Trainer sales tracking!

    One of the most important operational elements for successful personal trainers is tracking sales effectively. In general, this is perceived as a challenge because of the wide variety of tools currently available that often lack simplicity and efficiency. TE3 has developed a customer relationship management (CRM) application system that speeds up and facilitates personal trainer… View Article