TE3 Tools: Personal Trainer sales tracking!

One of the most important operational elements for successful personal trainers is tracking sales effectively. In general, this is perceived as a challenge because of the wide variety of tools currently available that often lack simplicity and efficiency.

TE3 has developed a customer relationship management (CRM) application system that speeds up and facilitates personal trainer sales tracking in a simple, digital way. During the sales transaction, a client profile including their information, hours sold, and price are logged. The client accepts the hours done at the end of each training session, which means that the hours used are tracked effectively.

Important performance indicators for a personal trainer to track are:

Hours sold
Hours trained
Sales and channels

…among others!

It’s critical for trainers and companies are able to monitor their sales pipelines on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis because the longer the duration they have been able to track sales, the easier it becomes for them to predict their sales forecast. Below are examples of different ways the TE3 application makes it easier to track sales, hours worked and overall revenue.

Hours sold weekly: note that in the example above, there were no sales in week 52. Clicking the charts will reveal the exact figures and in week 49, the user is able to track total sales of 20 hours.

Hours sold and hours worked monthly: note that in the example above, September 2020 was a month of prosperous sales, followed by a month of poor sales in October. Clicking the bar shows that there had been 77 hours sold, but only 47 hours trained with the client.

Monitoring turnover on a monthly basis: note that in the example above the best sales month was September. Clicking the bar reveals that total sales had amounted to € 5,600.

These parameters allow you to plan effectively and identify whether you are above, on, or below sales tracking targets. This ensures that you are always up to date with your business, which gives you a better chance of success and development as a personal trainer.

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