the TE3 Mobility Stick

is a user-friendly, multipurpose testing and training tool equipped with the latest high-end technology.

The built-in 3D-sensors measure movement during mobility testing and exercising, and sends the data to the TE3 Mobility App via Bluetooth®. In exercise mode, the stick also provides real-time, vibrating feedback when the user’s movement reaches a target angle or rotation, or the exercise is being performed incorrectly.


– Reliable 3D-sensor technology
– Data collection with 1° accuracy
– Vibrating motors for self-guided training
– Maintenance free
– Uses Bluetooth® low energy technology (BLE)

The TE3 Stick is embedded with software that integrates seamlessy to the TE3 Application to ensure continuous updates and new features


– Sleek Finnish design and manufacture
– Durable, rechargeable battery (micro USB-B)
– Strong aluminum frame with powder paint coating



100 cm



the TE3 Mobility Application

integrates seamlessly with the TE3 Mobility Stick by tracking motion, analyzing, and benchmarking real-time data presented in an easily understandable, visual format.


 – An initial 20-question questionnaire to help benchmark your clients’ needs and track progress

– Ability to adjust the settings of the TE3 Mobility Stick
– Upgrades the TE3 Mobility Stick on a continuous basis
– Guides you through the TE3 Mobility Analysis
– Provides exercise sets and single exercises
– Body control tests

The TE3 Mobility App is available on the App Store and Google Play.


the TE3 Mobility Analysis

was developed and piloted together leading sports and rehabilitation professionals from around the world.


points target right

Mobility quantified

A full body, digital mobility analysis through 13 movements in 15 minutes.

Result-based exercising

Exercises targeting areas of improvement based on the preliminary analysis.

Visible progress

Tangible results motivate people not just to reach goals, but surpass them.


Mapping the current situation

The client is segmented based on their physical background, level of activity, and asked to chart any areas of bodily pain and tension.This information can be used to develop a client database in which you can segment, compare and cross reference between individuals. te3-trainer-charting-stiffness-1300


Objective body mobility analysis

 The body’s ranges of motion are measured using the TE3 Mobility Stick through 13 movements, during which the results are synchronized to the TE3 Application, which analyzes data using AI algorithms. The App compares the results to reference values, targeting personal areas of development.


Result-based exercising

The TE3 App recommends 4 daily exercises based on the preliminary results of the individual’s analysis. Each exercise is designed to target a certain area in order to improve performance by increasing mobility or strength. The exercises are accessible for anyone to do alone or in a professional training environment! TE3_kuvituskuvia_kuvaaja Marianna Siitonen-37


Visible progress

Results are already visible after just a few weeks! Progress can be tracked by re-analyzing and comparing changes between pre- and post-results. BOOK NOW