Here you can find instruction videos for using your TE3 Mobility Stick.

How to get started with my TE3 Mobility Stick?

1. Starting the TE3 Mobility Stick: 2. Connecting the TE3 Mobility Stick and TE3 App: 3. Adjusting the modes of TE3 Mobility Stick:–yA

How to use different features of my TE3 Mobility Stick?

Real-time angles

1. Measuring real-time angle rotation with TE3 Mobility Stick:

Vibration features

1. Avoid bending: 2. Avoid rotation: 3. Stretch bending: 4. Stretch rotation:

What to consider when executing the TE3 Mobility Analysis?

1. Redoing a measurement: 2. Navigating between test movements: 3. Stick direction: 4. All test movements: 5. Linking results with client:  

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