Meet Jon Gregers Christensen, an authorized Osteopath D.O. (M.R.O.DK) physiotherapist working in one of the leading sports clinics in Denmark, Klinik.dk


Today, he’s part of the professional team at Klinik.dk in which Eivind Møller is an experienced Osteopath and the head of treatment at the clinic.

We asked him about his profession and the connection between Osteopathy and functional mobility. Here’s his view on the matter:

”As a physiotherapist I learned to measure joint mobility and measure quality of treatments with different measuring tools. It’s extremely important to document the process. After 5 years education in Osteopathy, I trained my skills within manual treatment and examination of the mobility in the functional units within the body.”

At Klinik.dk they have a functional approach in assessing the body:

”The whole body is connected by many functional units, which can be defined when two (or more) structures are connected. This creates the functional level of a person. An equal level of strength, stability, and mobility are important in order to maintain a good functional level in relation to environmental demands.”



Klinik.dk works with athletes and other patients to optimize the stability, strength, and mobility of clients in various levels of sports.

”We have a high standard and focus on documentation in measuring the process – therefore we have been looking for a tool to measure mobility in the body TE3 Mobility has given us an opportunity to measure the mobility in an easy method in technique and ensures a visual evaluation of treatment.”

”In my opinion TE3 Mobility is a good tool to have in every clinic. All kinds of practitioners would benefit from TE3 Mobility whenever they provide manual treatment, exercise-based treatment, or functional training.”

Lastly, we asked him how mobility training has impacted his career.

”In my experience, mobility is often forgotten in treatment. There’s a lot of focus on the stability and strength of certain physical structures… but what if the structures can’t move freely, or if you are restricted in other related areas? TE3 Mobility Education makes it possible to measure the mobility of the whole body in a simple and fast way, and implement it into your practice.”


Thanks to Jon and the team at Klinik.dk!

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