Robert Kronberg weighlift

What 110 m hurdler runner and olympic weightlifter Robert Kronberg thinks about TE3 Movement Quality Training?

– I use the TE3 Movement Quality concept in my work as a personal trainer. I saw a great benefit in measuring my clients’ physical weaknesses and strengths, which allows me to build personalized exercise programs for my clients more effectively. The results are important to both me and my clients, which the TE3 Movement Quality Analysis has helped me achieve.

– I also use the TE3 concept in my own weight lifting training. I use the TE3 warm-up programs alongside the mobility tests in lifting so that I can activate my my muscles correctly. I feel energised and ready to break a sweat, I have less injuries, and my range of motion increases. These advancements have helped me develop my lifting technique.

Robert Kronberg sprintbild

110 Hurdle: Swedish and Nordic record in 60m and 110m hurdles such the Olympic and World Championship finals as well as the European Championship (bronze) in his CV.

Weightlifting: Veterans World European Champion

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