What is movement quality and how can we measure it?

Movement quality is the combination of optimal mobility, stability, and movement control.
Mobility refers to the range of motion of joints, which includes soft tissue and joint movement (as opposed to flexibility which only includes soft tissue movement).

In the professional fitness industry, personal trainers, sports coaches, athletic trainers and physiotherapists have all acknowledged movement as one of the most important things to control during exercise. The real question is, ‘what factors prohibits one to achieving higher levels of movement quality?’ We put together 5,200 TE3 Mobility analyses and identified the two main reasons:

Restricted Mobility: limitations in movement execution

Lifting from the ground is not possible because the hamstrings are too tight (left 70 ° and right 73 °)

Half differences: imbalances between the left/right side of the body that causes limitations in executing movement unilaterally

Execution of the overhead squat movement is tilted/uneven. The reason a significant half difference in internal hip rotation (left 36 ° and right 27 °)

When planning a training session, coaches and trainers should be aware of any client constraints and how to correct them appropriately. Movements that are ill-suited to a client’s capabilities do not produce optimal results and can, at worst, cause injury. In the pictures below, the client has completed the TE3 Movement Quality program, inclusive of the TE3 Mobility analysis and the appropriate training program based on the results. The photos below are taken before and after a 30-day training period.

Ankle Flexion (L 19° / R 14 °)
Trunk Rotation (L 52° / R 40°)

Ankle Flexion (L 21° / R 19 °)
Trunk Rotation (L 52° / R 50°)

The simplest way to determine the level of movement quality is to do a TE3 Mobility Analysis: a cohesive, whole-body diagnosis composed of 14 movements in 15 minutes. The information is conveniently stored at the touch of a button in the TE3 Pro app from where it can be easily sent to the client to encourage training motivation!

This video provided gives you a deeper look into the TE3 Mobility Analysis >

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