Why is measuring body mobility like visiting the tailor

How are suits and body mobility related? Well, everyone likes a suit that fits perfectly. If you want a really good suit, you might pay a visit to the tailor, who customs the suit based on your individual body measurements. Body mobility works the same way. Each body has different improvement needs and those needs need to be addressed with customized training.

The TE3 philosophy

This is what the TE3 philosophy is based on. Our program treats everyone as individuals with different improvement areas. For instance, you and your workout buddy might need entirely different mobility routines. TE3 Mobility Analysis works the same way as measuring your body at the tailor’s. A certified TE3 Trainer takes your mobility measurements from 14 different areas and creates you a tailor-made training program – entirely based on your results.

Tailoring a suit
Tailoring body mobility

The tricky part with body mobility is that it is often hard to recognize which areas of your body need special attention. This means long mobility drills that try to target the whole body. Often, people feel unmotivated to do these or do not have time to do them. Now, your routine only needs the areas where your body has to change.

The TE3 Mobility Analysis recognizes 4 most important improvement areas and targets exercises to those areas. A muscle that is too short needs stretching and a muscle that is too long needs stabilization (strength). A muscle that is in the target length only needs mobility upkeeping, depending on the activity. Already a 6-minute daily routine can improve your body mobility significantly.

Our customers say

“The TE3 Mobility Analysis is a great way to find out what exactly is causing the stiffness and the pain that comes with it. It is informative and easy to understand. Now I have a few simple exercises that help me strengthen where I am weak and stretch where I am stiff.”

“The greatest thing has been that I’m a lot more aware of my body’s condition and the numbers show me precisely, where I am at the moment.”

“With the help of TE3 Mobility Analysis, we found out that my upper body was imbalanced. I started targeted exercising and in 2 months, my body had regained its balance, my mobility had improved 20%, and my back pain was gone.”

“Now, months after starting targeted exercising on my stiff areas with TE3, my overall mobility has improved 39%.”

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