Why lifestyle analyses are an important part of the personal training (PT) process

The preliminary lifestyle survey plays a critical role when personal trainers first meet a new client. We found out what three of the biggest gym chains personal trainers ask their clients and – more importantly – why? We built a 20-question lifestyle survey based on our findings and digitized them in order to expedite the daily logistics of personal training and reduce paper waste!

You no longer need pen and paper as a PT. All components of your client’s information are conveniently stored in the TE3 Pro application.

The main purpose of the lifestyle survey is to create a client baseline:

  • Get to know a new client
  • Get an accurate picture of his or her current life situation
  • Find out the client’s goals
  • Use the information obtained as a sales tool
When making a lifestyle change, it is important to know what kind of training the client desires and needs.

All major gym chains have standardized lifestyle analysis templates for trainers to use upon meeting a new client in order to maintain consistency in quality and professionalism. We discovered that these forms were almost all similar in their structure across locations.

At the request of the gym chains, we created a new 19 multiple-choice questionnaire plus one free-response field branching from one of the more general questions and divided the form as follows:

    • Six questions about exercise habits
    • Four questions about eating habits
    • Four questions about wellness goals
    • Three questions about everyday life and work
    • Three other questions
With a well-designed lifestyle analysis, one is able to get an accurate picture of a client’s needs to help plan their training sessions. Oftentimes, personal trainers focus on these analyses to plan a client’s workout, but keep in mind that these questions also serve as a great sales tool. The appropriate structure and content of a lifestyle questionnaire helps upsell larger packages to a client by 20, 50 or even 100 hours at a time. This provides the opportunity to help a client truly make a lifestyle change that is permanent. At the same time, the trainer is better able to secure his livelihood.


Have you exercised more frequently in the past than currently? This is the case for many PT clients. It’s good to remind the client what positive aspects regular exercise brings when they commit to making this lifestyle change for the better, and usually facilitates the client’s purchase decision.

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