Mobility Testing Stick

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The Mobility Testing Stick is an easy-to-use tool to test your functional mobility, wherever and whenever you want. It measures and analyzes numerous movement patterns such as rotations, bendings, straight vertical/horizontal movements as well as static positions.

Watch short videos on how to measure:

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Mobility Testing Stick Concept Includes:

  • Mobility Testing Stick (150cm, 100cm or 55cm)
  • Application with.
    – Mobility testing patterns with exact data (watch videos above)
    – Real time motion tracking
    – Over 50 animated exercises
    – 7.5-minute exercise programs
  • All Mobility Training Stick functions.
  • USB charger

You can find manuals and other technical documents here. In addition, the TE3 YouTube channel includes various guiding videos, training examples, testimonials, etc.

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150 cm, 100 cm, 55 cm