TE3 Mobility Stick

520,00 (Excl. Vat)

The TE3 Mobility Stick is a user-friendly and multipurpose testing and training tool equipped with the latest high-end technology. The built-in 3D-sensors measure movements during Tests and Exercises, sending the data to TE3 Mobility App. The App evaluates the data to identify restrictions in mobility and postural, left/right imbalances.  

In Exercise mode, the stick also provides real-time, vibrating feedback when the user’s movement reaches a target angle or rotation, or the exercise is being performed incorrectly.

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The TE3 Mobility Stick comes in three sizes:

  • 55 cm – for use with TE3 Mobility Tests and for attaching to gym equipment, such as barbells
  • 100 cm – for use with TE3 Mobility Exercises and ideal for golf bags

We recommend you buy at least 1 x 55 cm Stick and 1 x 100 cm Stick. The Stick comes with an USB charger.

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150 cm, 100 cm, 55 cm