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Our practice-oriented education programs are tailored for sports, fitness, and rehabilitation professionals. We offer two types of TE3 Education: Online* and In-person. After completing the education, you will receive a certification and can begin to use the TE3 Mobility Analysis to boost your business!

*TE3 Education Online is only available in TE3 Movement Quality License


Learn the mobility movements and corrective exercises every trainer should know, and why. You’ll be able to communicate your clients’ mobility data fast and reliably.


Augment your expertise with objective data to create result-based training routines. Help them find optimal body alignment in just a matter of time.


Learn a scalable method to grow your client base. The free sales and marketing material allows you to focus on what matters most: motivating, measuring, and managing.

TE3 Education: Online

Join the world of movement quality

As a core service in our TE3 Movement Quality License, you will get access to our Online Education for self-paced learning.

Our online education includes:

  • 13 most common body mobility measurements every trainer should know
  • 14 reference values your client should be able to reach
  • 26 corrective exercises to target different needs
  • Over 50 videos to refer back to as needed

Further inclusive of:

  • The TE3 Mobility Stick and Application
  • personalized training programs to help your clients reach their fitness goals
  • marketing and sales material to attract new clients

Learn how to measure body mobility with accurate results that motivate action.

Improve your clients’ body mobility with tangible results.

Acquire new clients and boost sales.

TE3 Education: In-person

The in-person course schedule is as follows:

9:00-12:00 TE3 MOBILITY ANALYSIS - test movements

1. DEMO: How to use the TE3 Mobility Stick for mobility testing
2. Theory session
3. Practical training

12:00-13:00 LUNCH

13:00-16:00 TE3 MOBILITY ANALYSIS - exercises

1. DEMO: How to use the TE3 Mobility Stick for mobility exercises
2. Theory session
3. Practical training



Upcoming TE3 Mobility Education courses (In-person*)

10.10.2020 Helsinki, Finland

Time: 9:00-17:00
Location: TE3 Oy (Kuortaneenkatu 2, 00510 Helsinki, FINLAND)
Trainer: TE3 Head Trainer Hanna-Katariina Seikola
Price: 199€ (excl. VAT)

28.11.2020 Helsinki, Finland

Time: 9:00-17:00
Location: TE3 Oy (Kuortaneenkatu 2, 00510 Helsinki, FINLAND)
Trainer: TE3 Head Trainer Hanna-Katariina Seikola
Price: 199€ (excl. VAT)

For education outside Finland, find your local reseller.
*In-person courses are not inclusive of the TE3 Mobility Stick, training programs, or access to our Sales and Marketing Material Bank


"The TE3 Education was compact and good. We went through essential theory and then focused on practical training. The education gave me a good touch for executing the TE3 Mobility Analyses, which I am now using regularly both with my individual clients and teams. I can recommend it to all sports professionals who are dealing with body mobility. I think we should all acknowledge the importance of body mobility in sports and wellbeing."

Jori Kota-Aho, personal trainer & TE3 Trainer

“Numbers motivate people to develop themselves towards better health. The TE3 Mobility Analysis provides an accurate way to measure mobility and provide the data the clients want. This makes it easier for me to sell my training services and raise awareness of the importance of mobility.”

Hanna-Katariina Seikola, MsC in Sports Science & Coaching,
TE3 Master Trainer

“I find that good thoracic mobility plays a very important role in the body’s force production. I had been looking for a simple piece of equipment to analyze the body in order to understand and increase the rotational movement of the upper torso. The TE3 Mobility Stick together with TE3 Mobility Analysis is a great tool for professional trainers and athletes to improve their performance.”

Marko Yrjövuori, Performance Specialist, NBA and NHL Trainer

"As I try to have more of a complete player, I look at the body's limits and where I could make the biggest impact on my player’s career. I have tried other products, but using TE3 Mobility Analysis and getting real objective numbers has helped to improve my players' mobility tremendously. The ability for them to see the results and exercise accordingly has helped them to get into the positions they need in order to be successful."

Robert Walls, Athletic Trainer, USTA Training Center

“As Red Bull Performance always seeks to understand the needs of our athletes to a higher degree, we look for opportunities and tools within the field of technology that enable objective measurement of athlete status and opportunities for improvement. One of the sports mechanical areas we focus on is body mobility and movement. The TE3 Mobility Analysis is a simple and timely way to efficiently assess athletes’ movement patterns and find objective data to suggest and support activations to address the athletes’ needs.”

Per Lundstam, Director of Athlete Performance, Red Bull North America

“TE3 Mobility Stick is an easy to use professional measuring tool to measure the rotational mobility of the hip and the spine. It is also a perfect tool to use incorporated in the mobility training.”

Hero Mali, Physiotherapist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Jokerit Hockey Club Oy

“I wanted to find some ways to improve human movement, health and sports performance. Discovering TE3 was absolute luck! After seeing a few videos and photos about the product I knew that this diagnostic tool was perfect for me and I needed it. For me, numbers are the real key to success and TE3 Mobility Stick gives me the exact numbers I need. Diagnostics must be exact.”
Tadeas Mikes, Strength & Conditioning Coach, TE3's reseller in Slovakia

”Having some first hand experience on what it’s like to not be able to move freely, I want to help people turn their bodies into fast, agile, strong and useful tools. The TE3 Mobility Analysis and Stick are helping me to do that by providing accurate and area specific assessment of movement dysfunction or imbalance. I use them for objective analysis, that can’t be argued or misinterpreted, because numbers simply don’t lie. The knowledge provides me an advantage over others who don’t use it.”

Philippe Til, TE3 Master Trainer from Los Angeles, California

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