TE3 Mobility Analysis

Unique. Disruptive. A World First.

The TE3 Mobility Analysis is built around our core technology, the TE3 Mobility Stick and TE3 Mobility App.

Through 13 test movements, TE3 Mobility Analysis diagnoses restrictions in mobility and left/right imbalances with 1 degree accuracy. It enables professionals to recommend optimal, result-based exercise routines to correct problems.

The TE3 Mobility Analysis has been developed together with Marko Yrjövuori and other world’s leading sports and rehabilitation professionals around Europe and USA. As TE3 Head Advisor, professional trainer and sports medicine professional Marko Yrjövuori brings over 20 years of experience from the professional sports field.


Full Body Mobility Analysis

13 test movements that create a full body analysis
Stiffness and pain charts that map how the client currently feels
Results compared to reference values to find restrictions in mobility and left/right imbalances
Duration less than 10 minutes.


Report With Recommended Corrective Exercises

Daily exercise routine customized for each client based on the test results
The routine includes 4 personalized exercises
Fixes restrictions found in mobility and left/right imbalances
Precision exercises for each muscle group either increasing strength or mobility.
Easy to do anywhere


Quantified Progress & Results

Performing the analysis again proves the effectiveness of exercising with data
Client profiles for continuous tracking