TE3 Mobility Analysis

The TE3 Mobility Analysis is a simple way to measure body mobility objectively in less than 10 minutes.

Through 13 measured movements, TE3 Mobility Analysis creates a full analysis of the state of your body. 

We developed the TE3 Mobility Analysis together with Marko Yrjövuori and other world’s leading sports and rehabilitation professionals around Europe and USA. As TE3 Head Advisor, professional trainer and sports medicine professional Marko Yrjövuori brings over 20 years of experience from the professional sports field.




Fully digital body mobility analysis in less than 10 minutes.



Targeted exercises for individual areas of improvement.



Fast results motivate to reach goals and set new ones.


Mapping the current situation

The client is segmented based on their background, level of activity etc.
Pain and tightness levels are charted to see how the client is currently feeling
The information can be used for analyzing, comparing and cross referencing


Objective body mobility analysis

The body's ranges of motion are measured with the TE3 Mobility Stick through 13 movements
The results are syncronized to the TE3 App, which analyzes the data using AI algorithms
The app compares the results to reference values, finding personal development areas
Duration less than 10 minutes


Result-based exercises

The TE3 App recommends 4 daily exercises based on the results and the individual's needs
Each exercise targets to a certain area, either improving mobility or strength
The exercises are easy to do anywhere


Visible progress

Results are visible already after weeks
Progress can be tracked by renewing the measurements


”After 23 years of playing professional golf, my body is a bit stiff - especially my back, my left hip and my right shoulder. The TE3 Mobility Analysis is a great way to find out what exactly are the root causes for my problems. It is informative and easy to understand. Now I have a simple exercise routine that helps me strengthen where I am weak, and stretch where I am stiff.”

Carin Hjalmarsson Koch

“Having suffered from stiffness and back pain for my entire life, TE3 Mobility Analysis gave back my ability to move freely. We found an imbalance in my upper back and after starting daily mobility exercising, the right side rotation of my back improved from 29° to 50° and left side from 44° to 51°. Less pain and the ability to maintain an active lifestyle are motivating me to keep exercising for the rest of my life!”

Marie Stark

“I work at an office and had dealt with problems in my back for basically my entire adult life. I also had problems with sleeping because relaxing my back before falling asleep was hard. I tried massage, osteopathy and even naprapathy, but nothing seemed to fix my problems for good. With the help of TE3 Mobility Analysis, we found out that my upper body was imbalanced. I started targeted exercising and in 2 months, my body had regained its balance, my mobility had improved 20%, and my back pain was gone. I also sleep better now, which is why I have realized my body needs the daily mobility moves.”

Therese Weibull

“I played 8 years of professional tennis and it feels in my body, that’s for sure. Before, I was feeling very stiff especially in the backside of my legs. I felt it limited my moves on the court. Now, months after starting targeted exercising on my stiff areas with TE3, my overall mobility has improved 39%. I don’t feel so sore in my muscles after playing anymore and I can move better on court. I aim to exercise mobility daily, because it is important for my body.”

Nicklas Timfjord, tennis coach & former professional tennis player

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