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the TE3 Mobility Stick

is a user-friendly, multipurpose testing and training tool equipped with the latest high-end technology.

The built-in 3D-sensors measure movement during mobility testing and exercising, and sends the data to the TE3 Mobility App via Bluetooth®. In exercise mode, the stick also provides real-time, vibrating feedback when the user’s movement reaches a target angle or rotation, or the exercise is being performed incorrectly.


– Reliable 3D-sensor technology
– Data collection with 1° accuracy
– Vibrating motors for self-guided training
– Maintenance free
– Uses Bluetooth® low energy technology (BLE)
– Over the air update


– Sleek Finnish design and manufacture
– Durable, rechargeable battery (micro USB-B)
– Strong aluminium frame with powder paint coating


100 cm

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the TE3 Mobility Application

integrates seamlessly with the TE3 Mobility Stick. It tracks motion, analyzes, and benchmarks real-time data presented in an easily understandable, visual format.


– Ability to adjusting the settings of the TE3 Mobility Stick
– Updates the TE3 Mobility Stick
– Guides you through the TE3 Mobility Analysis
– Exercise sets and single exercises
– Body control tests

The TE3 Mobility App is available on the App Store and Google Play.