TE3 Training Programs

are designed by one of our founders’, Jarkko Kortelainen’s, 15+ years of professional sports experience.

Our differentiating factor is our philosophy: by strengthening our base we build a foundation for success and higher levels of performance.

Based on the results of the TE3 Mobility Analysis, one of three training programs are recommended based on the individual’s measurements and areas of development: Pain and Stiffness, Performance, and Weight Loss. For this reason, our training programs are dynamic and accessible to various audiences.


– 6 weeks, 12 hours
– 2 hours with a trainer per week
– includes independent exercises for client self-guided training

Each training program has the following format:

Warm up

Measurement results are used to restore body symmetry, stability, and mobility

Strength and Conditioning

Finding the balance of power between the anatomical planes of the body (sagittal, transverse, coronal)

Cool down

Recalibrating body trajectories after exercise

Set an accurate baseline to understand and communicate client needs.

Target areas of development quickly and visually.

Motivate your clients by tracking progress and converting the negative cycle to positive.